If you're looking for a ventilation solution for your climate control needs, we can help.

Ventilation systems are one of our specialities. They’re a vital part of every building, so you need to ensure you invest properly. Whether it’s a commercial kitchen extract fan or a small bathroom supply fan to a heat recovery system we can advise you on which will suit your business best. We fit active and passive ventilation systems to match all sorts of customer specifications.

Where some companies will try to upsell, we’ll advise you on the best possible options for your premises, so you’re not paying more than you should.

Sometimes an indoor space needs more than just hot or cold air. Fresh air can be just as important when it comes to creating a pleasant working environment, and it’s considerably cheaper to come by than heated or conditioned air. We also offer a range of specialist ventilation units for use in kitchens, hotels, workshops, industrial spaces and other niche commercial properties.

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Our engineers are fully qualified and up to date with recent legislation including F-Gas and the relevant health and safety requirements.

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