Chilled Water Systems

If you're looking for a water chiller for your climate control needs, we can help.

As experts in chilled water applications, we offer most types of these systems, no matter how large or the type of application required. From comfort cooling to critical process cooling applications, we have the expertise to help.

A chilled water system works by circulating chilled water, through coils in air handling units within the building.

The chilled water absorbs energy in the form of heat from the building, before returning to the chiller. From here the heat is removed from the circulating water using the refrigeration process.

These systems are ideal for large commercial and industrial properties or even data centres. Furthermore, chilled water systems offer impressive levels of energy efficiency and functionality, with most chillers now incorporating free cooling as standard.

With the advice and support of our global network of suppliers, our clients get the best products with unbeatable service.

Our team of engineers and designers have many years of project implementation experience, and our installation technicians have the knowledge and know-how to help businesses with much more than just delivery and set up.

We are also able to carry out construction and landscaping work in accordance with your space, sound, and maintenance requirements. This ensures that our systems fit in with your business as seamlessly as possible.

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