Overview of project

M247 Ltd engaged Emtec Climate Solutions Ltd to carry out an upgrade of their existing direct expansion cooling systems, feeding their 3 No data halls, to a fully serviced N+1 chilled water system. The new installation would utilise free cooling along with building automation, which would offer an additional reduction in energy consumption and eventually integrate with the UPS, fire suppression and existing generators on site.

The scheme saw a phased approach to the upgrade ensuring the data centre cooling and resiliency was maintained throughout. This involved the supply and installation of temporary chillers at critical points within the phased works, which not only kept the temperature switch in acceptable limits but also the humidity.

The Facilitation Of Infrastructure

The facilitation of the infrastructure equipment involved the widening of the plant areas and installation of the concrete bases to accommodate the 4 new Airedale Delta Chillers, Pumphouse and buffer vessel that were required.

A new primary and secondary chilled water circuit using a 304-thin walled stainless-steel system was designed, installed and commissioned to facilitate the new energy efficient system. 3 Lowara VSD secondary pumps were installed in a purpose-built pump house with the pump speed variable to match the overall indoor cooling load.

The  Indoor CRAC units work off supply air and void pressure control whilst utilising energy efficient EC fans, All of the above has seen a drastic reduction on the clients overall PUE.

Each Phase involved the decommission and removal of the existing indoor CRAC units (along with associated ancillary equipment) through a live data hall, followed by the installation of the new chilled water units whilst maintaining the critical room conditions and resiliency.

Commissioning commenced in late 2017 with completion of the final phase in February 2018. The successful integration of the whole system was achieved in March 2018.